Friday, 2 March 2012

Did I ask for orange?... No!

As if over night- a lot of you old car owners will be able to relate to this- a lovely orangey speckle has appeared on my wing mirrors (grumble). Why does rust have to be so relentless?
Also, I did Arty a mischief- by accident!- when I parked him the other day. I was very poorly, but had to move him out of the way of the garage and didn't realise how close I had got to the holly bush when I went to put him back... until I went to reverse out again and the headlight surround trim thing was left behind hanging on the holly bush- my eyes fell out of my head a little bit at this point.
I was beginning to think I had been a bit rough earlier on but didn't notice in my ill/ delirious/ wimpy state. Fortunately, it had only come off because the screw holding it in place has worn, so it wasn't on very tight and there was no other damage by the evil holly bush which I hadn't ploughed into- phew!
Hopefully Arty won't hold this against me, but we shall see...

1 comment:

  1. Just weld some spikes to the wing mirrors and paint it all in Hammerite! :-P