Saturday, 28 January 2012

It's Aliiiiiive! (rookie mistake)

Conor finding the 'problem'.
   Yes, the Beetle is certainly running again! However, I learned the get-under-the-car-and-take-a-look-before-you-buy lesson the annoying way (I won't say hard because I haven't lost anything) by buying a new starter motor before looking at the old one. Conor was having a good old tinker and with the help of John Muir saw a wire hanging sadly around the starter motor, and said 'Christie, give me that bolt back. I've found the problem.' with a tone of voice that sounded like 'Aah bloody sister!' haha! So he reconnected it, popped the battery back in and- after a few coughs and a generous accelerator push- he stumbled back into life.
    I was so over the moon that the 'you're such a wally' looks coming from my Brother just made me laugh, and I don't really mind confessing this silly mistake because that'll be seventy-five quid back in my pocket! (although I'm probably gonna buy a spare wheel, and spend more on some new window seals).
   You're all probably thinking 'someone take that car away from her, she's dangerous!' but let's face it, we've all done things like this. Always look on the bright side...

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