Thursday, 26 January 2012

The (not quite) Beginning

Here is a blog for all you Dubbers out there! Throughout the life of this blog, I will share with you my experiences with ARTY, my 1974 VW Beetle 1303. I bought him in 2009 for an absolute bargain (£828.28 worth of bargain thank you) but, admittedly, he was sporting a rather ghastly opalescent purple colour- he is now a lovely shade of pale green, you'll be glad to hear. 
So far, my life with Arty has been a bit tedious- he doesn't always like to cooperate, as you may know from your own experiences with dubs- but nonetheless, I love him as much as he loves to decide something isn't going to work. Two years, a dodgey mechanic, lots of money and one really good guy later, Arty was finally on the road and I could go out for a little drive, he even started first time on a really frosty morning- Bliss!...
Until I went to drive him one day- after the day before when he behaved perfectly and there was absolutely no indication of an impending temper tantrum- turned the key in the ignition, and... absolutely nothing! He didn't have the decency to cough! So tomorrow looks to be a day of tinkering- with the help of my Brother, I confess!- and hopefully I shall be able to potter around happily with him again. Until the next time...

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