Sunday, 29 January 2012

Running and ready for the weather...

   I gave Arty a little run today, just to warm him up and despite being out of action for a month or so, he started first time :D- see, he's a good boy really. I let him run for a while before moving him, so as not to cause any damage, and then drove him round the corner and back. He's running as he did before, although he has a flat spot which appears usually when I shift gear, and it kinda sounds like he's taking a breath. He's always had this, but if you have any suggestions of what it might be- whether it's one of his quirks or something more sinister- please share them :)
   In other news: I got those VW owner shakes this morning when, while watching the news, the weather man graced me with the knowledge that the country is on a yellow alert for snow- grumble. So, just as a precaution, I've snuggled Arty up in his cover- because we all know it's sod's law that it would snow if I didn't put the cover on!
   Fingers crossed for the weather warming up...

(sorry for the lack of photo, it was dark when I got in from work)

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